Friday, February 4, 2011


Some pro tips for anyone who runs a guild:

If your guild is too small to raid and you consistently fail to put a group together, and the guild doesn't do anything else together, you're not much of a guild. Thus, don't try to enforce rules saying that your members can't pug content that you're not anticipating to do that lockout period.

This week, I decided to run a Bastion of Twilight with another guild to try to squeeze out a few more Valor Points and get another piece of Tier 11 gear before our guild's raid night so I could hopefully be more helpful with the DPS. So I checked with our GM to ensure that BoT wasn't one of the instances we were planning on running got in, downed two bosses, got my new tier piece, and passed my hit cap. All things that you generally want your raiders doing.

But the GMs in Legions of Azeroth decided otherwise and instead, decided to enforce rules written when we were a 25man raiding guild in Burning Crusade in which we didn't allow raiders to PUG content on the current tier level because we could always get raids together and clear everything. Meanwhile, at present day, there's three raid instances with at least four bosses each. In none of them can we down a single boss yet, and we don't even have 8/10 players necessary to pull a guild group. So the rule doesn't make much sense to enforce. But they decided to anyway. So last night, when they realized I'd gotten saved to an instance on the current tier level, I was demoted from my guild rank, which essentially lost me all my guild privileges (what little there were).

So I dropped that guild. I expect I'll be joining the guild I've been PUGing with which is in much the same situation: They're lacking a second tank and need a ranged DPS. I can fill the DPS position and my real life friend has been (slowly) leveling a paladin tank, so we may be just what they need to fill off their raid group. But while they can't, they don't seem to be twits about who's allowed to raid what.

Still, I'm rather frustrated that I now have to start entirely over with guild rep. Not being in a position on my main to redo all the quests through Cata (which earned me a good deal of the nearly revered rep I had) means it will be a long time before I can gain some of the guild bonuses. Plus, I'm rather annoyed with the amount of time I spent cooking, fishing, skinning, herbing, and doing other things towards guild achievements. You'd think that, in absence of raiding, someone who was one of the top contributors to the guild (even higher than the GMs) I'd get a little love. But not. Not even close.

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