Monday, November 29, 2010

1 Week + 1 Day

The upcoming release of Cata is getting me more and more antsy.

This past week in raid, we finally downed heroic Putricide and Sindragosa. We only took three attempts on Putricide before nailing it pretty flawlessly. I think it helped we had two friends from other guilds that were exceptionally geared and experienced helping out and the lack of one of our usual members who doesn't watch where he's standing quite often which threw our debuff all over.

Sindra took far longer. We spent nearly three hours wiping on her quite often due to trying out small variations on tactics and some people getting confused on what we'd changed due to negligence. But we finally got it, jumped onto Lich King, did our [Been Waiting a Long Time for This] and are now only left with just [Full House] and [All You Can Eat] to do this weekend before Cata is released, earning us our pretty Frostbrood Vanquisher.

Aside from that, I've been working on a few other minor projects to pass the time. I've been working on grinding out the Gilneas rep through some heroics with my pocket healer and real life friend Midoria. In the meantime, she's been using the Justice Points to work on a Boomkin set so she's not entirely stuck healing come Cata.

Also on the rep table, I finally finished off my Honor Hold rep earning my 30th exalted rep. I've been pushing my guildmates to run some more old world raids with me and joining pugs for them more regularly, so I'm fairly close on a few of those, and did get my Hero of the Zandalar Tribe before it was made into a Feat as well as winning a ZG Raptor before it was gone. I also found the cute Razzashi Hatchling on the AH very cheap and bought a few before ZG was removed, but it looks like they've just moved it to dropping off some other STV mobs. Oh well.

I've also picked up the new Shattering pets. The singing sunflower is awesome. I also ground out Mr. Grubbs (I recommend farming it at Zul'Mashar if you want to try for it; took me about 30 minutes there). Lastly, I did the quest chain for Withers although I don't get him out too often since he looks so much like the other tree pet.

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