Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An Introduction to myself and Cata

I've been wanting to start a WoW blog for awhile now but never really felt I had much to write about with the end of Wrath, but with the new patch just released with the Shattering, I suppose it's time to start.

So I'll start off by introducing myself.

I'm Tiadara. I'm a raiding shadow priest (with discipline offspec) on Stormreaver, Alliance. I've been playing since a few months after Burning Crusade was released. In BC, I got through Karazhan and Serpentshrine. My guild (Legions of Azeroth) was working on Hyjal/Black Temple but back in the day of 25man only raids, we often had trouble getting full groups together. And being an astrophysics major irl didn't help me make it too often anyway.

Then Wrath came out. We blew down Naxx, Obsidian Sanctum, and Eye of Eternity. When Ulduar came out we struggled and never made it past Mirmiron. In Trial of the Crusader, we downed that including hardmodes on everything aside from the last boss. We've wiped the floor with Vault of Archavion. Lastly, with Icecrown, we've dethroned the Lich King and done all hardmodes except Sindragosa and the King himself.

We went into Ruby Sanctum the week it was released but due to some paste eating, we couldn't down her and haven't been back since most of us had better gear anyway.

Aside from raids, I collect pets and achievements and to a somewhat lesser extent, titles and mounts. I had just over 7k achievement points before the Cata patch and it got knocked down to 6885. Not sure what was removed, but I noticed they broke down old world into small numbers of quests for loremaster, so I'll probably go back through that and get a bunch there. I already have loremaster for oldworld, outlands, and half of northrend, so I'm safe on most of those, but to get the title, I'll have to actually quest my way to 85 come Cata. I generally go healer and instance grind as I hate leveling without a partner.

Regardless, with the patch out, I spent some time exploring the remodeled old world yesterday. I can't stand not having portals from Dalaran to all the major cities. At least they left the one to Tanaris alive as well as the ones to Blasted Lands. So I took that and did some running around. I like that they've added so many flight points and that they're now marked on your map. I picked some of them up and started playing around in the new zone in southern Blasted Lands, picking up some Gilneas rep.

I'm quite excited for the expansion, although I hate leveling and don't look forward to it. Hopefully it'll be as good as I've heard.

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