Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Nearly 2 years ago, while living with my ex-girlfriend (rogue), I first got into real pet collecting.

One of the pets we wanted the most was the Phoenix Hatchling. We farmed the ever loving hell out of MgT back when we were both 80. She rogue tanked, I healed and did some dps. We got to the point where together, we could clear it in 10 minutes and were hitting the instance lock out for too many instances in an hour.

Months of doing this when we had nothing better to do and neither of us had one.

When Cata hit and removed the portals to get to Shattrath to get to Sunwell Plateau easily, I pretty much gave up on ever getting it but went back a few more times just to see if maybe I'd get lucky.

And tonight I finally did.

PS: If you want to see all my pet collection, check out my profile at

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